What is E-Commerce? Advantages of E-Commerce

What is an E-commerce?

An electronic commerce is a set of commercial transactions which take place through the internet.

The advantages of e-commerce can widely be classified under the following categories:

  • Organizational advantages
  • Advantages for Customers
  • Advantages to the Society

Advantages for Organization

  • With the help of e-commerce, the organizations could expand widely their markets up to national and international levels without much investment. Any organization could easily expand their customer numbers, good business partners and good suppliers around the world.
  • E-Commerce is helpful for reducing operating and distribution costs and also enables in retrieving and managing digitalization of paper data.
  • The brand and prestige of any organization is improved.
  • Better and enhanced customer service is supplied through E-Commerce.
  • E-Commerce aids in simplification of business procedures making them efficient and fast.
  • The paper works are highly reduced through E-Commerce.
  • The organizational productivity is highly increased. The ‘pull’ kind of supply chain management is supported by e-commerce.

Advantages for Customers

  • Throughout the day and night support (24*7 hours).
  • The transactions can be done by the customers and they could enquire about any kind of services or products at any time and also from any locations.
  • E-Commerce offers multiple options and faster product delivery for the customers.
  • E-Commerce also offers more choices for comparing and selecting better and cheaper options.
  • Reviews and comments about products can be posted by customers and they have options to check what products others are purchasing and could check for reviews of other customers before finalizing their purchases.
  • Virtual kind of auctions is possible through E-Commerce.
  • The information are available readily. The customers could check for detailed and related information within a matter of seconds than waiting for weeks.
  • The competitions among the companies are increased through e-commerce and the result of this is comfortable discount levels for customers.

 Advantages for the Society

  • There is no need for customers to travel, shopping for products and thus traffic and air pollution are greatly reduced.
  • Product costs are reduced and thus even poor people can afford some goods.
  • E-Commerce develops enhanced accessibility for products and services in rural areas which are impossible otherwise.
  • E-Commerce aids the government for delivering services for public such as education, health care and social services at low cost and in enhanced ways.