Major Docker technologies- an overview

Docker- A container Application:

  • Docker is a container application that helps in shipping various applications across different platforms.
  • Docker is mainly based on Linux platform but it can be incorporated with other operating systems as well.            

Major Docker Elements

  1. Docker containers: The Docker container holds major parts of the application.
  2. Docker Files: The Docker files are used in automating image compilations.
  3. Docker images: These hold various images of Docker containers.

Docker Containers

  • Docker containers are used in creating portable applications through shipping.
  • Docker containers are mainly created from Docker images and they are the executable part of Docker technology.
  • Docker container is as like directories and can be used across various platforms and host systems.
  • The Docker containers can be shared across various host systems.

Docker Images

  1. Docker layer is the fundamental part of the container from which the higher layers are formed.
  2. A Docker container is created from the Docker image.
  3. The Docker images resemble disk images and are responsible for running of various applications on servers or host systems.
  4. The Docker images are termed as ‘building blocks’ of Docker technology.
  5. These images can either be pushed or inserted into applications and can also be pulled or downloaded from registries.

Docker Files

  1. The Docker files are script blocks that consists of variety of instructions, commands and directions which can be run from Docker images.
  2. Each Docker command is layered as new application that helps in forming an end product.