Docker with networks- an overview

Docker is a container technology based on Linux platform and are used for storing and importing data in the form of Docker images.

You must know the following basics if you are using Docker in networks:
1. Even though Docker makes use of Unix sockets by default for communication, HTTP sockets can also be used for network communication.
2. If Docker uses HTTP socket, only the secured requests from clients are permitted- CA certified requests.
3. If you want using Docker for communicating through networks, TLS flags must be used for confidential CA (Certificate Authority).
4. Using OpenSSL (Open Secured Socket Layer) CA, the client as well as server keys could be created.
In Docker with TLS, port number 2376 of Transport Control Protocol is used.
5. For default securing of Docker clinets, the files must be moved to directory- .docker and the environmental variables must be set as required.
6. For executing 2 way client authentications, you must run Docker in different modes such as Daemon modes and Client modes.
7. DOCKER_CERT_PATH is the command that is helpful to store client keys away from home directory, in other locations.
8. Using the docker command ‘curl’,the Docker client can be connected with securable Docker ports.