What is Dynamic Testing or Dynamic Analysis of Software Testing?

Dynamic Testing is the validation process that is achieved by executing the code and finding defects in it. Dynamic testing is intended to test the dynamic activities of the code.  Dynamic testing requires a computer in order of perform testing. Dynamic Testing aims at two objectives:

  • Validating if the code output is as per Client expectations
  • Finding defects so that they can be fixed before delivering the product to the Client

Dynamic Testing can be performed through several levels of testing such as:

  1. Unit Testing: In Unit Testing, the individual units of code will be tested. Testing will be done at more primitive levels. For example, even the field level validation will be tested.
  2. Integration Testing: Before Integration Testing, all the units / software modules that are tested in unit testing are integrated together to form one complete product. Then integration testing will be performed in such a way that the code pieces of integration are well tested.
  3. System Testing: In System Testing, the integrated software is well tested to make sure that the deliverable is as per the Customer expectations.