What is Beta Testing? Advantages, Alpha Testing Vs Beta Testing

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing is the field testing that is performed at the customer location. The actual and intended users of the product will be testing the product to know if it meets their requirement and expectations.

Difference between Alpha Testing and Beta Testing

In Greek alphabets, Alpha is the first alphabet and Beta is the second alphabet. These alpha and beta letters are used conventionally in the alpha testing and beta testing. Alpha testing is the first round of testing that is being done in the developer’s location by the test engineers and Beta testing is the second round of testing that is done in the customer’s location by a sample of actual users.

Types of Beta Testing

Beta testing is done to identify the bugs in the system (that are not found by developers or test engineers) and fix them before releasing the product to the Customer. There are two types of Beta testing namely:

  • Open Beta Testing – The open beta testing is open for a larger group of audience or it is open to the entire public for testing. Generally when any software versions are about to get released, they will declare a date for beta testing and anybody can test it and post the bugs encountered. The users can also post their suggestions on improvements.
  • Closed Beta Testing – The closed beta testing is a testing that is performed by selective group of users who are invited explicitly to take part in it. It is not open for the entire public.

At the end of open beta testing or closed beta testing, the identified bugs will be fixed. User’s suggestions will be considered and corresponding changes will be done if needed. Then the product will be released to the Customer.

Advantages of Beta Testing       

  • The real users get an opportunity to test the actual System even before it is released to the public.
  • Developers and test engineers test the system in the coding perspective. But beta testing is a testing that is done in the client and user perspective. Thus requirement mismatches and confusing work flow can be easily identified in Beta testing and they can be fixed before the product is delivered to the Customer.
  • When beta testing is done extensively and more bugs are identified, then fixing them will enhance the quality of the software and gives an assurance on the acceptance of it.
  • Performing beta testing ensures customer satisfaction.