What is Alpha Testing?

Alpha testing is the testing process that is done at the developer site towards the end of development work. Alpha testing ensures quality of software before releasing the product to the Clients. In Alpha testing, the testing is not just by the developers, instead the alpha testing is carried by the internal team members other than the developers as well.

Alpha testing is carried on in multiple phases:  

Alpha Testing Phase I: The first round of alpha testing is performed by the developers. The developers use different debugger software’s and their intention is to find bugs quicker. After finding the bugs, they try to fix it quickly.

Alpha Testing Phase II: In the second round of alpha testing, the bug fixed software is given to the software quality assurance team (internal team other than the developers) for further testing. The bugs found by the QA team will be fixed by the developer team.

Alpha Testing Phase III: The third round of alpha testing is the internal acceptance testing that has to be done prior to the beta testing.  This operational testing can be done by Users at the developer site and the developers note down the potential problems that have been identified by the Users.